Fastest Trending Topics for June 2023

 Trending Topics

Here’s this week’s list of rapidly trending topics, insights and analysis.

Argireline Serum

Argireline serum is a skincare product infused with the compound argireline.


(Argireline is the brand name of the peptide Acetyl Hexapeptide-3.)

The peptide is mainly known for its anti-wrinkle properties, which is why it’s commonly used in anti-aging skincare products.

In fact, one study found that 30 days of argireline usage led to a 1/3rd reduction in the depth and length of wrinkles.

What’s Next

Argireline serums are part of the Argireline Beauty meta trend.

Argireline is being added to a growing number of beauty products.

In fact, searches for “Argireline” have increased by 354% over the last five years.

Similarly to botox, Argireline limits face muscle movements that lead to wrinkles.

Some dermatologists have even described the compound as “Botox in cream form”.

No-code API

No-code APIs are APIs developed using no-code and low-code tools.

Interest in this product category is increasing primarily due to a growing number of SaaS startups launching no-code API builders.

Examples of startups providing no-code API software include:

Xano is a no-code development platform with a no-code API builder. The startup has raised $403K in funding.

Appsmith is an open-source low-code framework. The project has over 21,600 stars on GitHub.

Apicurio is a platform for building and deploying no-code APIs.

What’s Next

No-code APIs are part of the No-Code Backend meta trend.

Consumer interest in “no-code backend” has grown by 5x over the last five years.

Creating a backend infrastructure from scratch with traditional approaches can take up to a year.

According to certain estimates, using a no-code backend platform can make this process 4x faster.

Saffron Supplement


Saffron supplements refer to supplements made with saffron extract.

Consuming the spice itself provides several documented health benefits (reducing appetite, regulating blood sugar, etc.).

However, the main reason behind growing interest in saffron supplements is that the product purportedly helps improve mood.

One highly-rated pack of saffron capsules brings in approximately $30K/month on Amazon.

What’s Next

Saffron supplements are part of the Mood Supplements meta trend.

(Searches for “mood supplements” have increased by 4900% over the past 12 months.)

Sales of mood support supplements are growing by 75% YoY.

And certain subcategories, like mood-boosting juice concentrates, have grown by 13,943% over the last year.

Notably, there’s currently a surge in R&D for technologies that extract the active compounds from mood-boosting plants (like ashwagandha and saffron).

Rotating Car Seat

Rotating car seats, also known as swivel car seats, are baby car seats that can easily rotate up to 360 degrees.

Importantly, these seats can rotate to the side, making it easier for the parent to get their baby in and out of the seat.

Videos about these car seats have over 1.1 billion views on TikTok.

One popular rotating car seat generates approximately $304K/month on Amazon.

What’s Next

Rotating car seats are part of the Car Accessories for Kids meta trend.

Examples of in-demand car accessories include:

Kick mats are designed to protect car seats from being damaged when kicked.

Car trash cans are small attachable trash bins where kids can throw their trash.

Car seat monitors, similar to car mirrors, are designed to make it easier for parents to watch children in rear-facing car seats.

Early bird companies: Native AI (AI-powered customer feedback), SuperTokens (open-source authentication), Nomad eSIM (frequent travelers eSIM), Optery (“opt-out” startup).

Tomorrow’s products today: Botox serum, prompt tuning, foldable kettle, rudraksha bracelet.

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Early Bird Companies

Native AI

Native AI is an AI-powered customer feedback platform.

Specifically, they create digital twins of their customer bases.

This way, brands can speed up the process of collecting market insight.

For example, a soda brand can create a digital twin of their current customer base.

Then, they can ask the digital twin questions like “which soda flavor are you the most likely to buy?”.

This way, they can get insight into what new flavor could potentially perform best with their customers.

Native AI has raised $5.7M in funding.

What’s next:

Native AI is part of the Enterprise Generative AI meta trend.

We’re seeing growing demand for generative AI tools designed for enterprise use.

Search volume for “enterprise generative AI” has grown by 300% over the past 24 months.

Here are a few trending platforms in this space:

WellSaid Labs is a text-to-speech platform that’s becoming popular among enterprises needing to create training and compliance videos.

Casetext is an AI legal assistant that can review documents, issue legal memos, and analyze contracts.

Tabnine is an AI code assistant. It uses generative AI to predict and suggest the next lines of code.


SuperTokens is an open-source authentication provider that allows businesses to set up and customize their security set up (login pages, user roles etc.) with minimal code.

According to the startup, their platform makes authentication much faster to set up compared to existing solutions.

The project has over 9,500 stars on GitHub.

The startup has raised $1.5M in funding.

What’s next:

SuperTokens is part of the Open Source Authentication meta trend.

Open source authentication solutions provide transparency as their source code is openly available.

This way, developers can review the code, identify potential security vulnerabilities, and contribute to improving the security and functionality of the authentication system.

Furthermore, they are easily customizable, making it easy to modify and distribute the authentication components according to specific needs.

FusionAuth, Auth0 and Firebase Auth are in-demand open-source authentication providers.

Nomad eSIM

Nomad is a global eSIM service for frequent travelers.

An eSIM is a digital SIM card embedded in a mobile device that can connect to any cellular provider with eSIM compatibility.

Specifically, travelers can purchase eSIMs for various countries and regions worldwide, which can be activated and used on compatible devices.

Nomad currently provides eSIMs for more than 110 countries.

Their app has over 50,000 downloads on the Google Play store.

What’s next:

Nomad is part of the Travel eSIM meta trend.

Search volume for “travel eSIM” has increased by 4900% over the past 24 months.

eSims allow users to access local networks without needing to physically swap out SIM cards or pay expensive roaming fees.

Travel eSIMs can be purchased online or through mobile apps, and they typically offer competitive pricing compared to roaming plans offered by traditional mobile carriers.

Airalo, Holafly and Ubigi are trending travel eSIM providers.


Optery is an “opt-out” service.

Specifically, the startup claims to remove personal information from Google and 235 other sites.

Optery also regularly monitors to see if users’ data starts appearing online.

The company has facilitated more than 1.5 million customer opt-outs.

Overall, Optery has raised $6M in funding to date.

What’s next:

Optery is part of the Opt-Out Helper meta trend.

57% of Americans say they are concerned that the government uses their online activity to track them.

Whereas 46% say they are concerned about companies tracking their activity.

And over 90% say they have started taking steps to actively protect their data.

Which is primarily why we’re seeing growing demand for services that help delete personal data from the internet.

DeleteMe, Removaly and OneRep are trending startups operating in this space.

Tomorrow’s Products Today

Botox Serum

Botox serums are anti-aging treatments that may revitalize cells, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and create a botox-like effect on the skin.

(“Botox in a bottle” is another name used to describe botox serums.)

While botox serums don’t contain Botulinum Toxin, they do often contain Argireline, a popular anti-wrinkle cosmetic ingredient.

Videos about botox serums have over 6.5 billion views on TikTok.

The increased attention for this product category can be mainly attributed to a skincare brand called The Ordinary.

Searches for “The Ordinary botox serum” have grown by 100% over the past two years.

What’s next:

Botox serums are part of the Argireline Products meta trend.

Searches for “Argireline” have increased by 175% over the last five years.

Argireline is the brand name of the chemical Acetyl Hexapeptide-3.

The peptide is mainly known for its anti-wrinkle properties, which is why it’s increasingly used in anti-aging skincare products.

Specifically, Argireline is emerging as an alternative to Botox.

Similarly to botox, Argireline limits the specific face muscle movements that lead to wrinkles.

Prompt Tuning

Prompt tuning refers to the process of optimizing the prompts used to interact with generative AI.

Specifically, prompt tuning allows the user to iterate and experiment with different prompts to improve the model’s performance.

For example, you may use the following prompt on ChatGPT: “write a cover letter about an engineering position”.

After ChatGPT provides the initial cover letter, you may give more prompts (i.e., “use specific keywords”) to make the cover letter more suited to your purpose.

What’s next:

Prompt tuning is part of the Prompt Engineering meta trend.

Searches for “prompt engineering” have grown 4,500% over the past 12 months.

Prompt engineering is becoming an in-demand skill as people discover that different prompts can lead to dramatically different outputs.

For example, a typical prompt for Dall-E might be something like: “planet in anime style”.

But an expertly-written prompt would be: “a planet, anime style, with futuristic building inside, full size, minimalist design, highly detailed, ultra-detailed–v4.”

Foldable Kettle

Foldable kettles are compact and portable electric kettles designed for easy storage and travel.

These kettles have gone viral on social media.

Videos about folding kettles have over 1.5 billion views on TikTok.

Foldable kettles are especially popular among frequent travelers and people with limited storage space.

This highly-rated foldable kettle generates approximately $13K/month on Amazon.

What’s next:

Foldable kettles are part of the Camping Kitchen Appliances meta trend.

The number of people who went camping grew by 28% in 2022 (and similar numbers are forecasted for 2023).

Which is generating demand for camping tech.

Specifically, we’re seeing growing demand for portable kitchen appliances that can be easily used when camping.

Portable blenders, portable fridges and portable pizza ovens are trending portable kitchen appliances.

Rudraksha Bracelet

Rudraksha bracelets are pieces of jewelry made from the seeds of the Rudraksha tree.

Wearing a Rudraksha bracelet is believed to enhance spiritual growth and provide protection from negative energy.

Rudraksha bracelets have gained popularity not only for their spiritual significance but also as a fashion accessory.

According to Etsy, the platform saw a 67% increase in searches for handmade bracelets in recent months.

And some of this interest is spilling over to Rudraksha bracelets.

In fact, videos about Rudraksha bracelets have over 6 billion views on TikTok.

What’s next:

Rudraksha bracelets are part of the Distinctive Jewelry meta trend.

Jewelry enthusiasts are turning to social media to share their favorite pieces.

For example, JewelryTok videos have over 1.3 billion views on TikTok.

And this is driving demand for unique jewelry pieces designed to stand out on social media.

Here are examples of trending jewelry categories:

Permanent jewelry refers to jewelry pieces designed to be worn continuously or for an extended period.

Chunky gold jewelry refers to very thick jewelry made from gold or gold plating.

Nostalgic jewelry are often inspired by or reminiscent of a particular era, style, or personal memory.

Waterproof jewelry resists corrosion and damage from water exposure.

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