“Create a Constant Flow of New Restaurant Customers Without Risking Money on Advertising That Doesn’t Work… Using the Same System That Grew Uber and Airbnb…”

This short document is only for restaurant owners sick and tired of throwing money at advertising with no guaranteed results… constantly worried about where their next customers are going to come from.

Here’s how to get a reliable and consistent flow of new customers into your restaurant each day but only ever pay when they come and spend money with you. Think of it like ‘guaranteed customers’. If they don’t come, you don’t pay.

Now, not to burst your bubble but if you’re someone not open to new ideas or stuck in your old ways, this isn’t for you. You’ll be wasting your time reading this.

If you’re still here, great. Let’s get right into things. As a fellow business owner I know how precious your time is and I also hate sitting through long content that never gets to the point.

So I’ve kept this document short. It will take you about 7 minutes to read. If you don’t have 7 minutes, come back when you do.

My name is Rod Dagan and I’ve been helping restaurant owners get more bums in seats for the past 10+ years. Some people call me the ‘restaurant whisperer’. My wife just calls me annoying lol. That’s a story for another day.

Having worked with so many restaurant owners over the years I get to see exactly where they’re at and what their problems and worries are.

Most restaurant owners are constantly struggling. They’re not making enough money and they’re exhausted. They know they need more customers but they don’t have the time or money to spend on advertising that ‘might’ work.

What they need is a consistent flow of new customers without having to spend a heap of time or risk losing thousands of dollars on advertising that doesn’t get results.

In short, they just want a simple and reliable way to fill their restaurant with new customers each day but without having to constantly worry about it.

But the problem with most restaurant owners is, they only know one way to get new customers… and it’s the old and outdated way.

Stick an ad in the local newspaper or drop a bunch of pamphlets in the local neighborhood letterboxes… and cross their fingers. Or maybe they’ve come into the 20th century and have even dabbled in some ads on Facebook.

Whatever the choice, these methods all have one BIG problem.

Not only are they time consuming to set up and maintain…

But there is absolutely ZERO guarantee of results.

I’ve heard countless stories from restaurant owners who blew hundreds or thousands of dollars on an ad in the local newspaper or a Facebook ad only to get ZERO new business… ending up with less money and still no new customers to show for it.

This is actually the main reason I saw many restaurants go out of business. They had no consistent way of getting new customers. And like any business, a restaurant simply can’t survive without new customers.

I’m sure you already know this and you know something needs to change.

That’s why I help restaurant owners do exactly that.

I have a unique system that gets a reliable and consistent flow of new customers into any restaurant. It takes all of 15 minutes to set up and then basically runs on autopilot.

But most importantly…

With this system, you only ever pay for a new customer when you get one. If they don’t come in and spend money with you, you don’t pay for that customer.

It’s called the ‘Customers on Autopilot’ system. It’s simple, it’s clear, and it works.

It works because it allows your own happy customers to do all your marketing for you and you only ever pay for actual results.

This is the exact same way Uber and Airbnb grew into the huge beasts they are today. They let their customers do their marketing for them so they didn’t pay for each new customer until they got them. It was the biggest secret to their success.

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You can see in the chart above just how quickly Uber’s growth skyrocketed – made possible by their referral program. Had Uber used only traditional marketing methods to grow their user base, it would have been a much slower growth and they likely would have run out of money. But by using a 2-way referral program where they only ever paid for each new successful user, it grew at record speed and still does to this day.

Here’s why you’ll love this system over regular advertising:

  1. It’s set up once and runs on virtual autopilot each day which means there’s no need to create new ads every month…
  2. It doesn’t need to be integrated with any of your current systems which means setup is fast and easy…
  3. Everything is tracked through our system so you can see exactly how many new customers you get and how much they’re spending so there’s no guesswork…
  4. The results you get snowball over time meaning the longer you use this system, the more effective it gets…
  5. You only ever pay for actual results – not the hope of results…

So what are you gonna do?

How much longer can you keep your restaurant open without a regular flow of new customers?

How much longer do you want to keep worrying about money every day, worrying where your next customers are coming from or how you’ll pay the next bill?

The truth is, you only have two options right now…

1) You can keep throwing your money at advertising that doesn’t work, or worse still, do no advertising at all. But I’ve seen exactly what happens to restaurants that make that choice – hint: they’re no longer in business now.

(…and I want you to actually think about that. What would your restaurant shutting down mean for you? Your family? Your future? What would you then do to provide for your family? It’s scary to think about, right?)


2) You can start getting a consistent flow of new customers into your restaurant like clockwork, as early as next week. Seriously, that’s how quickly it happens using this system.

Now, I could try and explain how it works and make this document another 6 pages long… but I’d much rather send you a demo video so you can see exactly how it works.

I want to be clear though… I don’t just work with anyone. I’ve had issues in the past where I worked with business owners who weren’t committed to change and it just ended up being a complete waste of my time. So please don’t reach out if that’s you.

But if you’re open to change then reach out for a demo now.

Just send me an email to myemail@business.com and I’ll send you over the demo video right away. I only like to work with 1 or 2 restaurants in the same area, so make sure you reach out today.

Remember, if you keep ignoring this problem you’ll end up like all the other restaurant owners that ignored their marketing – with their doors locked closed and forced to look for a new job.

My system is all that you need to start getting a reliable and consistent flow of new customers into your restaurant each day, for many years to come. You have customers coming in already… you can either let them do your advertising for you or ignore it.

But I’m not even asking you to agree to or believe anything yet. I’m simply asking you to seriously consider it as an option and find out if this is what you are looking for.

So watch the free demo video now. Just send me an email at myemail@business.com and I will send you over the demo video showing you exactly how this all works.

It’s the smartest decision you’ll make in your business this month.

Don’t let skepticism and fear get in your way.

Not everything is a scam and not everyone is going to let you down.

The current business owners we’re helping are so glad they reached out and got started with us.

So send me an email now at myemail@business.com and I will send you over that demo video right away.

To more consistent profits and less worry…

  • Rod Dagan
    The Restaurant Whisperer
    ‘Putting bums in restaurant seats for 10+ years’

P.S. Remember, if you still feel a little unsure you likely felt this same way before every big decision you made in your life…asking that first girl/guy out, deciding to have your first kid, starting your own business… but I bet you don’t regret any of those decisions. So trust your heart and book in your demo right now…

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